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We're all on the same boat. Quite literally. A big round boat made out of rock, some water and trees hurtling through space.
Yes, you, me, your crazy conspiracy theorist uncle, everyone you love, everyone you could love and everyone else.
But we're steering this boat towards multiple icebergs while most of humanity is scrubbing the deck, working the machines, some are simply relaxing in their cabins or enjoying the view and others seem to be actively sabotaging the rudder.

Some of the big icebergs we see:
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Destruction more generally
  • Socio-economic inequality
  • the great filter*
we want to help turn the wheel*

...with gaming!



Rebuilders will build bridges between gameplay and real life. As far as we know, Rebuilders might be the first free to play mobile title that also lets players advance in-game by behaving sustainably in the real world.
Don't get us wrong, you can still buy stuff and watch ads. But some assets will only be attainable by participating in challenges that help us shape a better future on our actual planet (maybe Mars too).
We want to increase the motivation-horizon to more than the game itself.


On a planet ridden by a cataclysmic climate change, a rogue A.I. decides to purge the environment of the ones responsible - humans.
Survivors stay positive, set out to rebuild sustainably and work together to defend against the robot invasion and change the fate of humankind.
Players can create their own characters and vehicles to play with in the world of Rebuilders.
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